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About The Elio Filippino Company

On the right bank of the Tanaro River, less than 10 miles from Alba, lies the picturesque village of Neive, situated in a mystical landscape of steep hills created millennia ago by erosion from the elements and exposure to the sun. It was there, in the Frazione Serra Capelli, in the early 1900’s, that Evaristo Filippino introduced his first vineyard, destined to evolve over time. During the 1950’s, his son, Domenico, using his intuition and his father’s precious grapes, followed with his own production of delectable wines. Today, after the untimely death in 1997 of his father Domenico, Elio Filippino is the third generation of winemaker of the estate, continuing his family’s tradition of superior winemaking while maintaining the greatest respect for the environment.

Under Elio’s stewardship, the winery continues to practice as many traditional and natural methods as possible without using chemical fertilizers or herbicides.
To this end, the vineyard grass is cut by hand, and only natural bovine or equine fertilizers are applied in alternate years.